Only One Person You Need To Be A YES Too.

You know you are beautiful.
Just the way that you are.
Yes you.
You are so freakin’ dynamic,
you are a powerhouse of abundance.
You are magnetic.
You are lucky as sh*t.
You are smart.
You are AMAZING.

And yet you doubt yourself.
You listen to what this world tells you,
about it’s fears.
About it’s expectations.
You listen as though those statements need to be your reality.
You listen and you wonder,
what is wrong with you?
Why is it so damn hard to connect with others?
Why do you still feel empty?

And you blame yourself for everything.
You feel responsible for everyone.
Always looking at how you can help more,
be more, give more, sacrifice more.
But it seem’s that no matter how much you give,
you still do not achieve what you want.

ABUNDANCE in all things good.

You taste of these delicacies,
but they are fleeting.

They wrap themselves around you for moments in life,
but life is filled more with overwhelm, suffering,
struggle than all that you want.

WHY? You scream from the top of your lungs to God.
Are you not worthy?
Are you not enough?
Or are you too much for this world?
Perhaps too much for those in your world?

You sit and you think,
you over think.
You feel,
and you feel yucky about how you are showing up.
About how you are not being all you know that you are.
And you fear loosing your life.
The years pass so quickly.
You watch your children grow and become parents themselves.
You watch your own parents age.
And the clock just keeps ticking.

Life does not change.
Moments come and tease you.
But they only linger for a few breaths.
And then they are gone.

At your core you know this is not right.
At your core you feel that you have missed a turn.
That it should not be this way,
this hard.
You know that you were built for more.
You know that you were built to share a message,
to impact this world,
to teach your children through your living what life is to be like.
And it is NOT to be about paying bills and building companies for others.
It is not to be lived for the 5 o’clock hour.
Or holidays and weekends.

It is not for masking with drugs, alcohol, addictions and fear.


Life is for LIVING.
Not surviving.


But how?
How does one thrive?

It’s simple my love.
It’s really freakin’ simple.
You get greedy.
You get selfish.
You become a YES not to this world and all of it’s inhabitants,
but to YOU!

You fall in love with yourself first before you go and try and find someone to fall in love with or to love you.

You get present and stop living in your past,
pulling it forward and recreating it for today.

You stop worrying about the future,
and get happy about your now.
Because your now is your future of yesterday.

Fill yourself up BABY.
Don’t wait to be filled.
Don’t wait for someone else to save you.
You don’t need saved.
You just need to open yourself up to your joy.
That thing that you have been hiding from all the while trying to be responsible and pay your bills and fit into the social norm.

I can tell you this love,
those who are focused on fitting into the social norm,
will never find all that you are looking for,
all that they are wanting.

No they will not.
They will only find more of everyone else’s troubles, ‘fears, judgments and hold themselves in the norm of surviving, but never THRIVING.

Yes Love,
you want it all.
Your soul wants you to have it.
God will support you.
And all you have to do….


SO what are you waiting for?

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It’s All About The Void That Manifests.

OMFG! Check out this picture from 1998…

And here is the reality.

Mine and yours from it.

It’s all a bunch of effing bullsh*t!

Somewhere a long the line you started buying into it too.

And now you find yourself trapped,

you find yourself full of it.

You find yourself blabbing it and spouting it out in ease.

It’s because you actually think that it is your effing reality.

And you know what?

You are right.

You are correct because you want it to be so.

Somewhere in your psyche you are happy about your suffering.

You feel justified even.

It is the way it is suppose to be.

And you think this and feel like this because you look around and you see so many other “not so lucky folks” living the same way as you.

Its called NORMAL.

Its called AVERAGE.

Its called ORDINARY.

But even though all you crave is to fit the f-ck in and have community, be loved and supported, have that tribe that everyone talks about, you sure as hell do not find much if any joy in what is showing up in your life.

Do you?

You look out there into what is manifesting and you scratch your head. πŸ€”

The evidence just keeps piling up, showing you what you are attracting.

Where you are at.

And you feel like crap about it.

You always seem to attract the same kind of men or women into your life.

You always seem to be behind the eight ball of work, you never have enough time or energy. πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ•š

Money comes in, but it has a thousand places it needs to go and there seems to never be quiet enough.



And the chaos that the stress causes in your head.

All those voices.

They run around your mind on microphones πŸ“£πŸ“£πŸ“£ bantering and yelling at you about how full of sh*t you are,

how pathetic you are,

how you might as well just pack it in and call it quits.

It f-cking sucks,


And you want to know what is even more horrifying then all this average and ordinary that you got goin’ on?

The FACT that it does not have to be so.


You have the power to change it all.

You always have had this power.

But you choose each moment to fill your voids,

to fill your silence with all the rubbish that does you no good.

You create chaos where there could be peace.

You create fear and lean into it where there could be gratitude and joy.

You get to a point where you start to see a clearing and you freak the eff out and panic at the void.

You think that if there is a void that you are loosing something.

You think that if there is silence that a boogie monster is sure to pop out and attack.

You are scared as f-ck of your inner game.

You are scared of the stillness.

Because you believe that it is empty.

But I promise you this sweet one,

I promise you that the void,

the stillness,

that you fear is not empty.

It is full.

Full of opportunity.

It is nothing more than a space for you to expand into.

It is that next level of your awakening.

It is that next level of you receiving more.

It is that next level of your growth.
But you can only achieve it and embrace all the blessings that want to wash down on you IF YOU open up to it.

If you learn to love the space.

Learn to respect the stillness.

And NOT act so damn quickly to fill it with clutter that is not needed.
Instead feel into this space.

Truly embrace it.
In this space is where you will gain inspired guidance.

You will gain clarity.
And then when the time comes, and you will know it.
Because you will feel its pressure upon you.

It begging for you to open and receive. You will feel the pain of overwhelm. The pain of not saying YES to self.

When this time comes,

and with it your ego will spout,

and cry and cast doubt,

you will have to prove your heart,

and your truth.

You will have to turn away from all that you fear,

and step forward as though all that you desire and want already is.

Only by acting from the you that you want to be,

will you ever become that version of self.
As long as you keep holding on to the you of now or yesterday,

you will never gain the riches, the love, the connection, the blessings that you deserve and desire.

The truth is my love, that you have to want it for yourself.
You have to want to expand.

You have to fall in love with the void.

You have to push yourself when times feel rocky, unstable and you have a million great reasons as to why you cannot.
This my dear is the EXACT space where you will gain everything or loose it all.

Choose Wisely.

Choose from Soul.

Breathe Past Your Fear.

As Always, Stop Existing & Start Living

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