Tired of Wonderland? Exhausted from Crazy? – Just Own Who You Are!

Some days you feel like you are running around like Alice in wonderland,
not knowing what direction to go or what the best choice could be. You start out on one path only to find yourself running down another,
and feeling as though it is never ending and only making you more lost in life.

No matter what you attempt,
things go to hell. But you put your head down and you just keep going. Each step forward seems to be ten steps back and around and around you go,
in this land of nowhere,
feeling lost but looking for something more.

You know that feeling.
That feeling of uncertainty.
That feeling of overwhelm.
You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t,
so why bother?
But you must bother because someone, somewhere is waiting on you.
And you have responsibilities.
People, bills and time to think of.
But there you are a circus in your own head,
and you just keep going, lost and confused as if on some psychedelic trip,
that lost its luster many years ago.

Fear is permeating from your bones.
Your flesh reeks of your uncertainty.
Your head lowers, your back hunches.
You are scared.
Scared in this darkness that you have created.
It’s a mad house in here.

And so,
so you focus in.
You get dedicated,
committed and claim that you know.
You know that things MUST change.
You know that this cannot continue.
You know that you are drowning,
no matter how pretty the picture may be that the world around see’s,
you are drowning.
And so things must change.
And you claim that they will.
You look for guidance.
You beg for direction.
You fall to your knee’s and pray.

But there you are,
another day.
Waking up in stillness.
Waking up to the madness that is lurking.
Hiding from view,
until you look the other way.
Buried there in the mess of your life.
You choose to ignore.
And just as quickly as you had committed,
to focus,
to conquer,
to make that change.
You find yourself drifting,
in a lull that this life can offer.
A lull of comfort.
Of average and ordinary.
There you are, dancing in the midst of the circus.

Until one day, when once again,
you cannot help but look deeper.
A whisper, a ghost from yesterday,
something magical alerts you to look into the chaos.
To explore.
And then you discover.
You discover the wonder,
of why?
Why are you on this never ending ride,
this ride that keep taking you,
far from what you desire.
It side tracks you and comforts you,
it scares you and spins.
Until you once again,
cannot tell what is up or down.
You are dizzy.
You are fearful.
You are lost once again.

falling to the ground,
you make the commitment again.
To focus,
to stop settling,
stop avoiding and forgetting.
You are sick of this ride.
This nightmare you are living.
It is time to proclaim.
Time to not forget.

It is time that you stand firmly.
Decide what you want.
Climb up and out,
out of this chaos,
out of this circus,
this mad house in your head.
The suffering,
the shaming,
the guilt and the fear.
They are nothing more than words,
words that you give life to and dance with.
You are the gate keeper, the ring leader and owner.
You are the BOSS.
The Queen and the creator.
So stand up right there.
Stand there in your POWER.
Claim once and for all,
you will take no more of the misery.
No more excuses, no more ignoring,
no more story telling,
no more lies and regrets.

It is time for you,
for you to OWN WHO YOU ARE.
It is time!
Let go of that ticket,
its a circus you have been too,
one you need no longer attend.
So step away from this story line,
and write the one from your SOUL.

What does your SOUL expression truly look like?
If people, opinions, judgments and fears no longer stood in your way, what would your life look like and who would you be?

As always,
Stop Existing & Start Living
“Coaching for Grown A*s Believers”

Do you relate to having the crazy run your world?
Cannot seem to find the motivation, dedication, or certainty to step fully into all that you know you were born to be? And yet the desire to become something so much more is just there CALLING to you. Begging you to take the step.

I fully understand this fear, this chaos and crazy.
It is a path that many have walked, have had to conquer, but when you taste who you really are, experience your truth and start stepping into this you will discover a courage, a passion and faith that you did not know that you had.

You deserve to live a beautiful life.
A life of THRIVING!

Let’s explore the steps to greatness today.

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