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"My hands take his face and pulls him close for a kiss that not only is connective but penetrates my heart and soul. Our breath intertwines in this moment and becomes one. I can feel our souls dancing in this celebration of love and my body opens to him. My legs soften and open wider, my pelvis tilts as I pull him in. I can feel him enter me and we both gasp with pleasure from the sensation that pours through our beings, the sensation of coming home." - Kendal Williams

"One lover stops and caresses the side of my face and leans over to plant a soft kiss on my lips as he puts his hands on my waist. My other lover comes up behind me and begins kissing my neck and then reaches around to tease my breasts through my dress. I lean back into the tender kisses and hear soft whispers in my ear, “Do you trust me?” - Addison Bell

Every week we receive dozens of applications for 1:1 VIP coaching  where individuals desire help in learning tips, tricks, and techniques. We've heard your cries for help and so have created this course to help you move your way through specific techniques and tips to get you confident and abundant in orgasm!

You can watch porn, your can read articles about positions, toys and other things to spice up your sex life but at the end of the day you are missing the REAL 1,2,3’s to make any of that work.

It works... but there is MORE that you need to do to make it work for YOU!

Why is it so important to have an astounding sex life???