Orgasmic Life for Women


Orgasm Coaching for Women (OCW)

 “A place for your good girl to get empowered.”

Let’s face it every day life is full of stress. If you are a mother like I am it can seem some days that you are lucky to get your teeth brushed let alone anything else. Add in the stress that many have of relationships that are troubled, financial concerns and pressures, career and any past trauma that may arise at any given moment it is amazing that we can focus on much of anything with out constant emotional or physical upheaval. All of these things when not properly processed in the mental/physical/emotional bodies can all lead to tension and blockages in our pussies and at our core. It is extremely important to cleanse, rejuvenate & reactivate positive healing to these zones of discord. 

But How can we do this in a comfortable, easy to manage way?

 Orgasm Coaching for Women (OCW) is a structured program that blends the holisitic ancient practice of Tantra with more modern sexuality practices such as Orgasmic Meditation (OM) and talk therapy. Specially designed to help us women learn how to surrender to ourselves, release judgement, self- sabotaging and limiting beliefs, overcome blockages, heal trauma and fully embrace the dynamic women that we are. Through this structured sexuality coaching practice women will be able to experience powerful transformations of the mind, body and soul.

Are YOU in fact denying some aspect of YOUR sexual expression, exploration, and power? Let’s find out!

 Is OCW right for you? 

  •  Are You A Woman Who Feels Stress/Tension/Blockages In Your Vagina or Core?
  • Are You One Of Many Women Who Want To Come Back into and/or Unleash Their Sensuality And Femininity
  • Are You A Woman Who Feels Numbness/Tension or Stiffness In And Around Your Genitals
  • Are You Woman Who Feels Guilt/Shame/Fear Or Has Experienced Trauma In Your Life
  • Are You A Woman Who Has Had Children and Wants to Restore Your Vaginal Health & Strength
  • Are You One Of The Many Women Who Want To Experience Better, Painless and More Frequent Orgasms
  • Are You A Woman Who Wants To Heal Their Mind, Body & Soul Holistically
If you answered YES to at least one of the above then OCW can help!
OCW gives you the freedom to create the perfect healing blueprint with the guided help and intuition of your coach. In this visionary sexuality coaching program you can decide what resonates with you and fits your schedule and budget best. Making it the ideal program option for every woman. 

OCW can consists of some or all that follow:

Sex & Relationship (Talk Therapy)Coaching – feel like you have a girl friend who understands exactly where you are at on your journey. Know that through this intensive, intuitive based coaching you are held in full acceptance and love. Able to share what you need and have the sounding board that you desire for your most private matters. You will learn powerful practices to help you overcome negative thinking, sabotaging programs and limiting beliefs. Heal shame and judgment and learn to love again. 

Some focused coaching can  be applied to:

  • Do you suffer from the Good Girl Syndrome? Discover symptoms and learn how to transform them to power and turn on.
  • Sex education and support
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Discover your joy coaching
  • On the path to purpose coaching
  • Stress, anxiety, body image and shame coaching
*Orgasmic Meditation Practice – I teach this 15 minute practice to all women who desire to learn. If you have a partner then you will learn with them. If you do not then you will be connected to a community where people get together to OM weekly – for free!

This is a practice much like yoga, running, violin, etc) that is a gateway to more vitality, connection and turn on. It’s deliberate and structured with repeatable results. It’s a meditation, equally powerful for both partners — only the object of focus is the clitoris. OM is a source of power — a well from which to draw energy. It’s profound, yet simple and you can have it whether you’re single or coupled.

OM is a practice done between two people that has no goal except to feel what is happening in the moment. OM is not about more climax. (yes, Orgasm and Climax are different) It is about expanding the sweet spot of the most pleasurable part of Orgasm. (from


Tantric Body- Breath- Chakra Work –  This body based work is designed to help one weave all of life together through the clearing of one’s energy centers (chakra’s and meridians). You will learn proper sexual breathing skills, relaxation breath and energy charging breath. Focus will be on education and experiential practices with the guidance of your coach. Presence work, vocalization work and deepening communication skills will all be encompassed. 

Focus Sessions (Presence Work) – This intense work is among the most powerful in nature. Simple exercises done with your coach will enable you to explore your world, self and desires in a whole new paradigm.

*Structural Pelvic Release Work (SPRW) – Offers a softer approach to pelvic release work then the traditional.  It is sometimes advisable that  Pelvic Release work would be beneficial to a woman’s progress in releasing stored and blocked emotions and helping to activate her sexual energy body again, thus allowing her to feel more fully and experience orgasm, even become multi-orgasmic. Through this deeply nurturing work, you are given the opportunity to discharge these emotional-physical contractions of the the body.  – SPRW makes use of the ancient art of vaginal weight-lifting and strengthening with Jade Egg exercises as well.

(Testimonies HERE) – You will also learn exercises to strengthen and release the pelvic floor muscle so that you can regain sensation, heal from traumas, not have a hyperactive vagina or a weak vagina.

*Tantric Art Therapy – Body Mapping is a powerful tool to see how life experience is stored in your body. In this creative process you will track the connection between your thoughts and emotions and your physical experience through this powerful art therapy experience.

The body is like a historical archive of your life and a map which can show you your current direction. By paying attention to signs in the physical body you can track what is going on in the more subtle realms of mind, emotion, and spirit.

By making use of meditation, body flow exercises, breathing, music and intention, we come together with what needs to be healed through love and how to embrace these aspects. We discover our purpose and we connect with the inner goddess, the creative muse.

Body mapping gives you the inward tools to use our body as a reliable compass to navigate our lives in a harmonic, sustainable path.

  • Premier Access to Facebook Secret Group Coaching – Capture His Heart with Kendal – Gain access to this secret facebook group where you will have supportive coaching videos, downloads, e-books and more.
  • Discounts on Local Workshops/Seminars. ( Please see details on each group, as not all apply.)

Become the Empowered, Fully Orgasmic woman that you desire to be 2018!

Program Options that Fit Your Needs!

I offer many style’s of coaching for all of my programs ( please be aware though that some options are not teachable unless in office face to face.)

Choose from or blend: 

  • In office Coaching ( 60 to 90 minutes)
  • Call or Zoom Coaching ( 60 minute sessions)
  • Program Based Coaching for a Full Spectrum Approach

Available in packages:

A) 8 hours of blended coaching.
B) 14 hours of blended coaching.
C) 20 hours of blended coaching.

Kendal, I am ready to get my “O” on! Get me registered.

*Payment options are available upon request. 

*All Options come with free email coaching.

*Note that ALL coaching and session work from the moment of your application falls under the strict doctor/patient guidelines. Your privacy is my priority.

*All Sessions- Coaching are invoiced viaemail (unless another form has been agreed upon). These sessions are invoiced as OCW- Level ____ or Consult or Coaching.

*All Orgasmic Meditation Work is a free service. If you want to learn OM it must be accompanied with a coaching package or appointment however. If you are wanting only OM as a practice please feel free to inquire and I can connect you with other Omers in Dallas/Ft.Worth community.