Empowered Couples

Empowered Couple’s –  Intimacy Building Sessions

Where Kendal Comes to You! – Yes personalized VIP education and training in the privacy of your own home.


These in home sessions are each unique and designed according to your needs and wants. Below is an overview of some of the areas we will be covering.

Are you a couple who are…

  • starting a new relationship
  • experiencing problems in their current relationship
  • desires to bring an expanded knowledge of pleasure and eroticism into the relationship
  • desires stronger communication in their relationship.

Couples sessions can include:

  • Understanding and learning how to give pleasure to each other through touch/massage
  • Help each other reach orgasm
  • Conscious communication, breathing and energy exchange
  • Bringing fun/games and toys into intercourse
  • Different  positions
  • Yab-yum connection and SO much more erotic sensual adventure

For more information and full details please set up your consult TODAY !

In Home Couple’s Sessions Options

Intimacy 101 – Communication, Integrity, Appreciation, Orgasmic Meditation, Conscious Touch 101

Intimacy 101-102-03 –  Desire, Erotic Touch, Toys (This session gives you everything you need for a true tantric date night.)
Learn About:
 Hot Massage
 Play Toys (these are most likely items found right in your home already and not traditional sex toys from a shop)
Tantric Breathing
 Touch Points
Tantric Genital Massage for him and her ( Kendal is hands off for massage training, she will verbally explain how to perform the strokes needed and show on non-live demo. All touch is between client couple ONLY)
Optional: Blind folding and soft bondage ( additional fee for bondage play)


In Office Couple’s Work (Coaching and Training Solo- Sessions)

These 90 minute  to 2 hour talk therapy or training sessions are available for the couple who does not want to commit to a full program and is not wanting to explore other sessions in their own home. The in office couple’s work allows for training on Orgasmic Meditation for Her and Him, communication education and exploration, Jealousy work, Trauma release, basic tantric skills training, intimacy skills as well as couple-hood problem resolving. This is a perfect session to discuss the  design of  for your individual needs. Please remember that the description here is only that; a description, these sessions like all sessions are scripted.  In office Couple’s Work is part of ALL of my Couple’s Programs at no additional fee.

“When we first met Kendal, we had limited knowledge about Tantra and even about sex. My husband had explored Tantra with a practitioner in our local area and was learning how to control his ejaculation but I was troubled at him going outside our relationship to even learn this. After sitting down with Kendal at a consult I found great reassurance in her style, commitment to healing intimacy and love in relationships and was eager to explore a greater depth of my own with my husband. After doing our first QCE Intimacy Building Session I longed to go deeper down this sexual rabbit hole. I found myself emailing Kendal and asking for guidance, doing some one on one Sensual Relationship & Sex Coaching with her and then decided to take the BIG plunge and explore an Advanced Couple’s Sessions. Both my husband and I were shocked at how connected we felt in our session and after. We saw the importance of leaning how to relate at this new level and how sacred tantric work and fantasy play could deepen our marriage.”

— Kim and Dave M. Dallas, TX




Session Conduct Basic’s: Please note that coach remains clothed the entire time. Nudity from couple may be required if you want to learn orgasmic meditation or tantric erotic massage. Mutual touch is not permitted and no sexual acts are condoned between coach and clients. Many Couple’s do opt to fully engage with each other during the session. Please inquire about full session conduct and preparation guide. All couple’s Sessions are done in the privacy of your home or at a location of your choice i.e. hotel – (I come to you) there is an additional travel fee for any location that is more then 25 miles from my starting point which is Little Elm. (Additional Travel fee is $35)