"One-third of the men and women who see psychotherapists just need to learn to masturbate better.”

 ~Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., nationally-renowned sex educator and founder of the New School of Erotic

Open Registration for this 1:1 VIP Coaching Program is Open November 1st !

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Masturbation coaching provides the man who is unsatisfied with his self-pleasuring routine with the skills and techniques to quickly achieve massive results that can enhance his sexual confidence and pleasure.

If you are a man who is unsatisfied with his current masturbation rituals,

Who understands that the formulaic routines of your youth no longer serve your greatest pleasure,

Who is having difficulty maintaining an erection or discovering less sensation in your pleasuring,

and is tired of not maximizing your climatic potential,
then let us lend you a hand  🙂

During this 9- Session intensive private coaching experience you will have the opportunity to be guided to your juiciest potential with:

  • Intimate witnessing sessions
  • Private educational supervision and exploration
  • Master Training on the BIGGEST concerns, topics and focus points around masturbation
  • Individualized support and private training
  • 9 Experiential Coaching Sessions

    During these 9 intimate coaching sessions you will unlock, restore, ignite and learn:

    • Explore new strokes, techniques and enhancers for your pleasure
    • Learn skills to help deepen your intimacy with a partner
    • Heal porn addiction
    • Undo shame and old habits that hold you back from your full sexual expression
    • Free yourself to deeper erotic experiences
    • Increase stamina
    • Support sexual health & well-being
    • Disconnect from formulaic ingrained practices
    • Support relaxation, stress release & healthy hormone functions
    • Increase your masculine confidence

    It's time to no longer accept less than phenomenal orgasms and climax in your private routine!

    Let Kendal WIlliams and Addison Bell hand guide you into new realms of sexual ecstasy where the ceiling is sure to blow!

    During these 9 intimate coaching sessions you will unlock, restore, ignite and learn:

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    Get your fully recorded home study course with notes, experiential exercises and implementation basics valued at $695.00 for lifetime of course FREE at completion.

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    9 Sessions to Get Your Juices Flowing!

    Open Registration for this 1:1 VIP Coaching Program is OPEN November 1st

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    9 Sessions to Get the Juices Flowing! 

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