KW2U- Classes/Talks

Wish you had God, Sex & Abundance classes and workshops in your hometown?

Really like Kendal’s style, attitude and approach to spirit, sex and relating and want to bring her in to teach, share and discuss on topics that may range from vanilla to kink or everyday to desire based living?

KW2U – Classes are just what you are wanting. 


Things you need to know to bring Kendal to a city of your choice:

  • Depending on workshop choice there may be nudity of a live model, but NO interaction with the model from class participants. Class are EDUCATIONAL ONLY.
  • Average classes are 45- 70 people, but if you can fill more seats then wonderful.
  • Waivers are always signed for any live demo events from class participants.
  • Kendal brings with her a co-teacher if needed and model.
  • Depending on workshop requested there may be props needed on your side, i.e. a massage table.
  • Classes/Talks must be booked on my schedule at least 60 days in advance for proper marketing to happen.
  • You may ask for than one workshop to be taught over a time frame.* Please discuss details with Kendal at booking.
  • Kendal’s  and assistants travel and room expenses are above the honorarium. Kendal’s home point is Dallas, TX.
  • Workshop Honorarium varies from $2500 to $6500 depending on destination and time.*
  • All Honorariums are paid 50% down at time of workshop booking. Balance is paid one week prior to workshop.

KW2U Talks

Get Kendal to come to a speaking engagement an d share her knowledge and humor with raw potency for a group. Kendal has done speaking engagements for groups from a 12 to 200+.

  • Talk Honorarium varies according to time and distance. Average range $2500 honorarium
  • All travel/room expenses are above honorarium.
  • Please inquire for details to book Kendal to speak in your town today.

Speaking Engagement Topics

  • Health, Wealth, Success & Sex – Living A Life of Abundance
  • The Under F*cked Pussy Epidemic and How to Embrace Your “O” Again
  • Manifesting Through Your Orgasm
  • Sexual Challenges of Couple-hood
  • Orgasmic Parenting
  • Name Your Sex and Abundance Topic…

Choose from these classes/workshops

  • Orgasm Camp – Female Sexuality ( Live demo class/lab optional)
  • Orgasm Camp – Male Sexuality ( Live demo class/ lab optional)
  • Taco Delight – Cunnilingus  Class with lab (we use fruit)
  • Oral Intimacies – Blow Job Class with lab (we use cucumbers) Attendee’s get gifts
  • Sacred Intimacy Class for Couple’s – Teaching Communication and Tantra 101

Get Your “Orgasmic Life” On! 

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*Honorariums  may be higher depending on length of time requested from Kendal and co-teacher.