FREE 2- Month’s VIP Coaching

I told a fellow coaching friend what I was gifting everyone this year and she looked at me and said I was CRAZY! She said WTF Kendal, that is  alot to just give away. And maybe she is correct.

Maybe I am crazy and it is a lot to give away.

Maybe I should rethink this.

But WTF… is right too.

This feel’s in alignment to my soul and so here we are.

You have been looking at doing coaching. 

You have wanted to get started.

But something has been preventing you from saying YES!

You follow me on Facebook,

on Linked IN,


and in my newsletters.

You like what you hear and read,

you feel I could be the coach for you.

You want to CLAIM YOUR LIFE.

You want that turned on,

passionate drive,

that feeds your soul,

and your bank account.

Your love life,

your sexlife.

You want it.

You do.

OKay, so let’s get it for you in 2019.

Let’s be real, if you keep making reason’s up as to why you cannot move forward on this path then 2019 will be the same at best as 2018.

I mean let’s look at the last year.

The last 5 years.

Are you happy with the way they turned out.

The success that you had.

The relationships that you built.

Are you turned on and a F-ck YES?

Or is it time for you to finally take that leap,

and create the FREEDOM Based Life that your soul craves?

If it is time, then SAY YES. 

Say yes to this promo that I’m running through the month of December 2018. 

Well, almost through the month.

The deal ends on Christmas peep’s.

And what is the deal you say?


The SANTAGIFT Deal is just this:

  • Your Choice of ANY VIP 1:1 Coaching Program ( Orgasmic Life/Freedom Based Life) of 8 to 20 sessions.
  • You can choose from 1:1 In office, zoom or over the phone
  • You get Unlimited Email, Facebook Messenger, Text Coaching
  • You get one "Emergency Add on Call" a month
  • You get discounted workshops, courses and more

But WAIT...

I am not done. 

You also Get FREE ACCESS to your choice of ONE Online Global Course*- Valued at upto $97



You also get 2- Months of FREE VIP 1:1 Coaching                              Valued at upwards of $650.*

Santa Kendal is giving away almost $800 this Christmas Season!

And all you have to do to qualify is APPLY!

Fill out the brief application, do the consult, and choose your program.

That is it peep's. That is all you have to do and you will get these extra's as a gift for JUST BECAUSE. But, the ONLY way you get this $800 Value of Add-On's is to do the above NOW and oh, yeah you have to become a client in the month of December.  Promo does not roll over to January, applying in December does not reserve you any special spot on a list, or get you the bonuses down the road peep's. This is an ACT NOW sorta thing.

So Don't WAIT. 

I only have space to take on 6 new clients. When the spot's are full, I will only have a waiting list running and those lists last at least 6 month's.

APPLY NOW with Code: SANTAGIFT to Get this $800 Value

*Free Coaching Special is for 2-months of VIP 1:1 Coaching ONLY.  These coaching sessions are focus session's, estimated coaching slot value is over $200 a session/4 sessions total. These sessions are added on to the program of your choice to increase package session allowance and will be used at the back end of your coaching term.

*Free Online Global Courses- choose from : Feel good now! the only Secret You Need, Not Your Average Joe: Claiming Your Masculine Power Through Tantra, Oral Intimacies: Discovering More Passion & Play, It's Complicated-Challenges of Couplehood, Self-esteem & Your Sex: 5 Points of Empowerment