At its core Christianity begins with an invitation to desire. Look at the way that Jesus relates to people, he is continually taking them into their hearts, to their deepest desires. “What do you want?”

  • Christ’s teachings are rooted in our hearts desires.
  • Christ’s teachings are focused on love, surrender, opening to our blessings and not being meek in who God wants us to be, but in being fierce.
  • We as a people have lost our way. Especially around God, abundance and sex. It is time to pull it all together and follow the Message that was shared so long ago.
  • Our souls are withering from a thirst and hunger we cannot fill in our blinded condition of shame, guilt and duty.
  • Christ’s message is NOT for those who are happy with everything the way it is.  His message is for the hungry. Those who crave a freedom based orgasmic life.
  • Because we have disowned our desire.

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True spiritual surrender is submission to love itself. Through the ancient technology of tantra we learn about embracing our humanness, our desires, our fears and our bliss. In tantra we learn that the body is a microcosm of the macrocosm just like science today is proving.

  • The practice of tantra that I teach does not focus on deities.
  • Learn an ancient technology grounded in the laws of the universe.
  • Learn how to embrace your sexual essence and use it toward manifesting your freedom based life.
  • Release your protective shells that prevent you from fully showing up in your life.
  • Learn the power of true presence and deep consciousness.
  • With tantra weave together the mind, body and soul and witness the beauty of a life unfolding in blessings.

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There is a secret set within each of our hearts. It is to live life the way it was intended…Freedom Based!

  • Freedom based life coaching sets you on a path to discover,  get turned on and surrender to orgasmic living through teaching you how you can live a spiritual life and not only desire but enjoy money, success, health and sex.
  • Ignite your passions
  • Discover the deepest love and joy
  • Embrace your personality and LIVE authentically!
  • Learn how doing what you love is what God wants you to do, not just well but Abundantly!

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To heal one’s sex is to learn about self-love and acceptance. Without these two things we can never achieve our hearts desire.

  • Through sex coaching you are given the tools as well as the safe space to fully and compassionately feel into yourself and/or your partner.
  • Releasing trauma, shame, and guilt through presence instead of focusing on past.
  • Teaches intimacy strategies that are specially designed to intensify communication, authenticity and love.
  • Teaches sexual education around topics that you may want to learn more on but are nervous about asking and are aware that porn is not an accurate teacher.

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* Sex Coaching is a part of all Freedom Based Life Coaching, as it is one area that so many choose to ignore but need massive healing around.

15+ years of personalized coaching and it is FINALLY here! Coaching made JUST for you.

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