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The Un-F*ck-Withable Goddess VIP Weekend

November 13 @ 6:30 pm - November 14 @ 5:00 pm

LADIES!!!! Are Your Ready to become Un-f*ck-withable?

Ready to claim all the power that resides within you while connecting with other women on the same journey?

As women we struggle to find time for ourselves and often sacrifice our health, body, sex, and overall happiness. We give until we can give no more to everyone around us and lead a life of burn out. Going about our days fatigued, uninspired, and from and unturned on state.


We start out as amazing powerful Goddesses and end up as robots going through the daily grind. In our hearts we know there are things we can do to find our bliss but we never get around to taking the steps. Everything and everyone else seems more important.


Does this sound like you?…

* Dislike or just TOLERATE your body?

*Feel like something is missing from your sexing?

*Constantly People-please?

*No longer feel sexy?

*Feel constantly drained?

*Put kids, partner, or others ahead of yourself?

*Lost your feminine creative spirit?

*Think pleasure in the bedroom isn’t in the cards for you?

Do you…

*Want to learn how to stand in your power?

*Want to improve your sexuality and make life more sensual?

*Want to feel divinely beautiful and adore your body?

*Want to start finally putting yourself first?

*Want to look, feel, and vibrate from a more radiant place?

Then JOIN ME to become…


This workshop is for women who…

**Know they were made for more

**Know their sex can be life-changing

**Feel a power hidden deep within

**Are ready to elevate themselves to the next level

**Refuse to continue to play small, hold back, or shrink

**Wants to be Multi-Orgasmic in Life and not just the Bedroom

**Is ready to live healthy, beautiful, and Un-f*ck-withable


In this exclusive Women’s only VIP DAY we will give you all the tools to jump into a more powerful you!



Kendal Williams and Addison Bell will guide you through a day filled with practices and tools to implement tohave immediate results. Some of the biggest questions as Un-F*ck-withable Goddesses, Kendal & Addison, get are how we are able to look years younger than our age, maintain our orgasmic life, consistently love our bodies no matter what they look like, and use our feminine creative energy to manifest amazingly blissful lives!


Well… let us share the answers to so many of these questions while also getting to build and connect with a sisterhood of other Goddesses on the same path!


Friday Night Session- November 12th @ 6:30pm- 10pm


Sensual Self & Vaginal Weightlifting Session

(You will receive a free jade egg as gift)

**How to strengthen your vaginal canal

**Steps to expand your orgasmic potential

**Tools to get you more connected with your body

**Ways to use your orgasm to fuel your life!

**Release any stored energies in your sex and FEEL FANTASTIC



Saturday Session- November 13th @ 8:30am-5pm


Sexy Health Secrets & Body-Image Boosters

**Ways to look years younger

**Practices to have more energy throughout the day

**Steps to stand out as the Goddess you truly are

**Experience yourself in all your beauty

**Learn to ADORE your body

**Tools to create the Body of your dreams!

**Body-Image and Sex secrets

**Finding your SEXY

Defining the Goddess Integration Session

**Look at what is truly holding you back from stepping into the divine feminine that you were truly meant to be.

**Try out being Un-f*ck-withable

**Explore the feminine nature and all the different archetypes

**Manifesting a life that supports your Goddess nature

**Drop the inner B.S. while loving self to your next level.


Body Mapping Project Session

**Put it ALL TOGETHER to uncover your Un-F*ck-withable Goddess

**Discover connection between thoughts, emotions, and your body

**Heal, explore, and investigate your Ideal Self

**Step into your Creative Power

**Allow yourself to surrender and connect with the Feminine

**HAVE FUN!!!!



You can continue to use EXCUSES such as money, time, energy, kids to avoid your power…

(which yes they are all excuses)


You Can Step in Today and Change your Life!


4 Workshops, Priceless Moments, & Self-Empowerment

All for…




To accommodate those of you that can’t make both days…

Friday night session only: $164

Saturday session only: $245

Goddess Weekend


Location: 8005 Greenwood Drive, Plano TX 75025


November 13 @ 6:30 pm
November 14 @ 5:00 pm