Want to take 2019 by storm?
Want to create a F-ck YES! Life in 2019?
Want to get that VIP coaching, but have not been able to afford it?

No problem mon’
Explore my Boss Life-500 Intensive.
Becoming the Boss of your life in 2019,
just got a hell of a lot easier,
and all you have to do is commit to 4-weeks of intensive,
empowerment, vision creation, problem solving 1:1 VIP coaching with me.

Yes I just said that!

I have had a over 200 applicants in the last few month's come to me and want to work as a VIP Private Client. Only a small percentage of these amazing peep's who desired life changes around their Abundance, Freedom, Love and Intimacy, purpose and overall well living could afford to come on board. Basically they were looking for guidance to achieve the F-ck Yes! Life. And maybe you are one of these beautiful souls who I consulted with, who filled out the application and then changed your mind for whatever reason.

And MAYBE you are still looking for something more.

Maybe you still want to SHOOT FOR THE STARS in 2019.

Maybe you believe that you are worth a life of Abundance, Love and Joy.

Well, I am here to support you still.

I sat for a long weekend and thought about how I could help you the best.

That was when Boss Life- 500 was downloaded into my heart. The thought of "What If?" --- What IF, I provide these amazing souls who are searching with the coaching and support that they desire? What if I focus in on the key one to three areas that they are needing significant shifting in? And what if I do intensive focus sessions followed up with life altering homework to help them create the life that they deserve and want?


Now that would be AMAZING!

Well, that is exactly what I am doing.

For the month of January 2019 I am offering this crazy ass deal for just 10 new clients.

Here is what you get with Boss Life-500 :

  • Exclusive Preliminary Coaching Work
  • 4-weeks of Intensive 1:1 Private VIP Focus Sessions
  • Unlimited Facebook Messenger/email coaching support
  • Private Group Access for additional live trainings and downloads to support you in your signature coaching
  • Signature 1:1 Private VIP Coaching designed to support what you want to shift in your life.
  • No Consult Required.

We got this baby!
Let 2019 be all you desire.

Accepting 10 Boss Life-500 clients ONLY for this VIP experience for anyone in the world.

Designer based coaching for what you want to develop in your life. No cookie cutter systems here.

Don't Wait A Moment Longer! This Silly Stupid Deal that Saves You Over $2000 in Private Coaching Fee's Will Not Last Long and Will Not Be Coming Around Again.

One Fuck-Yes Month for $500

It's easy to GET STARTED So Don't Hesitate...       

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    Your On Your Way to Your BOSS LIFE!

Boss Life 500

Begins January!
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Check out Kendal's Other Programs!