Affair Recovery

Infidelity. Cheating. Affairs.

These words bring up pain, fear, and anger is so many of us. They also make many of us wish that we were more heard, understood and that we had the skills required to gracefully cope.

It does not matter what side of the affair you are on.  Cheating hurts.

That is why I am offering this designer coaching program that focuses on helping you heal the wounds, understand your partners actions better, learn how to trust again and even have a better relationship than before…

Yeppers! I just said that. 

A better relationship than before the affair.

Here is the truth…

If you are in a relationship that has suffered from infidelity (which is over 60%of relationships) then you had an issue that both of you were overlooking or turning your backs on that was the foundation of the cheating. With Affair Recovery you can learn skills and work toward AUTHENTIC Relating and Loving instead of pretending you got this relationship thing down.

With KW Affair Recovery Coaching you will:

  • Learn the 5 stages of affair recovery
  • Learn how to manage emotions & negative thoughts
  • Get personal healing for the betrayed partner
  • Get emotional healing for the unfaithful partner
  • Learn the 10 Critical Dimensions
  • Learn how to come into agreement
  • Learn how to apologize effectively
  • Learn about the acceptance myths
  • Communication techniques for after an affair
  • Learn how to rebuild trust
  • Forgiveness VS. Acceptance
  • Relationship Vision from Here On
  • Infidelity Prevention

You are ONLY 10 weeks away from reclaiming your relationship at this new level that you may never have guessed possible!

Unlike my other couple’s coaching programs, this program is designed to work with both of you in each session. It is mandatory that each partner attend every coaching session for best results.

Are You Ready to Have a Loving, Authentic Relationship? Based on Integrity. Compassion. Communication.

If so let’s talk now!


This program is a total of 10 coaching sessions. These are couple’s sessions and each last 60 minutes. Sessions may be done in office or on Zoom. Both partners must be present. There is homework given with many of the sessions. Your chance of success will increase if you do all the work and stick to the weekly schedule.


*Payment options are available upon request.

*Note that ALL coaching and session work from the moment of your application falls under the strict doctor/patient guidelines. Your privacy is my priority.