Expanded Orgasm Coaching for Men

manonstairs We live in a world that simple does not value the masculine.Yet, we all desire to see men who are strong in their masculine power, driven, purposeful, confident, direct, living according to their deep integrity and humor. Never do we admire or appreciate a man who is not these things. We do not feel attracted to men who are full ego, caught in their thoughts, macho, forceful, divided and insecure. As a woman I can tell you that the men that captivate me are the men who have learned how to be complete within themselves. How to be powerful yet sensitive. How to be driven yet spontaneous, how to arouse, stimulate and connect and bring with them a great sense of trustworthiness. These men are the crusaders of the modern world. They are all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds. These are men who understand the wisdom and power of living an expanded life and enjoying an expanded orgasm state of being. Not just in the bedroom but in all things they do.

This man is the Great Masculine.

So what does Expanded Orgasm mean and how can you get some and live this sort of life in a comfortable, easy to manage way?

Expanded Orgasm Coaching for Men (EOCM) is all about helping a man become connected with heart, committed to discovering and living his deepest truth, however that may look. It is about teaching a man about the power of basking in the arousal he may feel when in the company of a fully activated, turned on woman and/or how to love her wide open. EOCM teaches a man how he can attract such a woman into his life if he desires too. EOCM is a structured program that blends the holisitic ancient practice of Tantra with more modern sexuality practices such as Orgasmic Meditation for Men (OMM) and talk therapy.  Through this merger of therapeutic practices a man will emerge into self-discovery and truth. He will become free. He will no longer be bound by outer convention or inner doubt. Thus, providing him with a foundation to build his desired life.

This may sound like a dream. It may sound like too much work even or possibly you are wondering if you truly could ever have such a free, empowered state of being without having to sacrifice your current comforts, profession or even relationship status. The answer to this question is YES  – YOU CAN HAVE IT!!!

Is Expanded Orgasm Coaching for Men for you?

Are You A Man Who Wants to:
  • Learn how to break your current societal circumstances and embrace your true core being and purpose.
  • Learn how to become a true lover of life and how to make love not only to the women in your life but also to the world.
  • Reconnect yourself to your sexual being.
  • Reconnect to your confidence and power.
  •  Release unprocessed emotions ( guilt, unworthiness, abandonment, anger, mistrust, etc.)
  • Learn what a woman really wants and needs; how to support her lovingly, but not ever loosing your core to her.
  • Single men who wants to learn the How To’s of dating/romance*
  • Coupled Man who wants to learn the How To’s of rekindling and Igniting the flames*
  • Learn how to play again
  • Learn ancient sex skills/practices/rituals that will amaze your lover(s) and yourself.
  • Learn how to Expand your Orgasmic State – Full Body Orgasm’s, Recycling vs. Holdback
  • Learn How to Feel Your Partner
  • Overcome Self-Sabotage, Body Image Issues, Limiting Beliefs and Heal Trauma
  • Learn how to overcome Sexual Issues such as: Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Sex Addiction, Sexual Shame
  • Learn about the connection between Sex and Money.

If you answered YES to any of these then EOCM could be the program that you have been looking for to give you the skills and know how to develop the life you desire. And to do this with simplicity and authenticity.

EOCM gives you the freedom to create the perfect healing blueprint with the guided help of your coach. In this visionary sexuality coaching program you can decide what fits your purpose, schedule and budget. Making it the ideal program option for every man.

EOCM  can consist of: (This program can be designed with or without bodywork and OMM)
  • Sex & Relationship Coaching (Talk Therapy)- Most people know what they want (or don’t want), but they have blind spots that prevent them from manifesting their true desires into reality. As your personal coach, I help you to get clear on what it is you really want in life. From there, I keep you motivated and focused on achieving it.Its my role to be your personal support, confidante and companion in your juicy dream building.I help you to SEE and bring out the highest and best potential in yourself.
  • Orgasmic Mediation for Men  (OMM)- A deeply powerful sexuality practice.
    It’s a practice (think of yoga, running, violin, etc) that is a gateway to more vitality, connection and turn on. It’s deliberate and structured with repeatable results. It’s a meditation, equally powerful for both partners — only the object of focus is the heart center of the penis. OMM is a source of power — a well from which to draw energy. It’s profound, yet simple and you can have it whether you’re single or coupled.

    “OM is a practice done between two people that has no goal except to feel what is happening in the moment. OM is not about more climax. (yes, Orgasm and Climax are different) It is about expanding the sweet spot of the most pleasurable part of Orgasm. (from onetaste.us about OM for women) “
  • Tantric Body – Breath – Chakra Work –This body based work is designed to help one weave all of life together through the clearing of one’s energy centers (chakra’s and meridians). You will learn proper sexual breathing skills, relaxation breath and energy charging breath. Focus will be on education and experiential practices with the guidance of your coach. Massage, presence work, vocalization work and deepening communication skills will all be encompassed.
  • Conscious Touch Work – Today we hear a lot about living consciously. Simply put this means being in the present moment. This simple task is one of the hardest skills to master for us humans and especially when we are dealing with our sexuality. Through Conscious Touch Work you will learn how to touch and be touched CONSCIOUSLY. You will be given exercises to explore what it means to remain present in all your activities especially in your sexuality practices. Conscious Touch Work with EOCM will give you the ability to connect to women better, to have better self pleasuring experiences, will teach you how to recycle your ejaculation instead of just holding it back and so much more.
  • Focus Sessions (Presence Work) – This intense work is among the most powerful in nature. Simple exercises done with your coach will enable you to explore your world, self and desires in a whole new paradigm.


Program Options that Fit Your Needs!

Level 1 – Solo- Sessions
Choose from above therapy work and pay as you go. Session by session. Have the freedom to pick and choose what you feel is right in the moment. 
Solo- Session fee’s vary from $250/hr to $750 for a whole session 
Level 2 – Starter Program
This level provides you with a blend of Sex & Relationship Coaching (Talk Therapy) and the OMM Practice – Orgasmic Meditation for Men
Available in packages of 3- 6- 10 sessions
Pricing: $200 a Session to $150 a session
Level 3 – Committed to Purpose Program
This level provides you with Sex & Relationship Coaching, Orgasmic Meditation, An Exploratory Session, A Focus Session and One to three Sessions of Tantric Body- Breath- Chakra work or Conscious Touch Work . Please NOTE that ALL sessions are 90 minutes long unless otherwise stated. This level also qualifies YOU for FREE or deep discounted access to all of Kendal’s  events that she is primary techer in. This saves you an average of $1200 a year in event fee’s. 
*Level 3 has payment options available upon email request.
Available in packages:
A)3 Coaching and OMM’s – 1 Exploratory Session – 1 Tantric/Focus/Conscious Touch Session
B) 6 Coaching and OMM’s – 1 Exploratory Session – 2 Tantric/Focus/Conscious Touch Sessions
C) 10 Coaching and OMM’s – 1 Exploratory Session – 3 Tantric/Focus/Conscious Touch
Prices are:
A) $1,710 (9+ hours of focused deep healing work @ $190/ hr.)
B) $2,625.00 (15+ hours of focused deep healing work @ $175/hr)
C) $3,335.00 (23+ hours of focused deep healing work @ $145/hr)
All services require  a 1+1 Consult which is normally 60 minutes long. This consult is a Coaching Session as a discovery of what your needs, desires and blockages are. This Consult is $150 but on  Special for  $90.  Please fill out the Application Form to proceed on your journey.
*All Options come with free email access.
*Note that ALL coaching and session work from the moment of your application falls under the strict doctor/patient guidelines. Your privacy is my priority.
*All Sessions- Coaching are invoiced via email (unless another form has been agreed upon). These sessions are invoiced as EOCM- Level ____ or Consult or Coaching.
*All Orgasmic Meditation Work is a free service. There is no additional charge for your OMM services however OMM services must be accompanied by one of the above coaching/session options. If you are wanting only OMM as a practice please feel free to inquire and I can connect you with other Omers in the community.