“I can honestly say that I’d be separated or even divorced if  you had not slapped me into shape.” – Bruce, Plano TX.

“I applied everything you taught at your seminar and had the most intense sex ever!”- Shannon, Dallas TX.


“I contacted Kendal with the dread of having sex, feeling as though I could never experience an orgasm or connect with my man the way I wanted. I am proud to say that with her sex therapy and coaching, today I now initiate sex and am far less shy to share my needs with my partner. ” — Julia P., Fort Worth TX

“Prior to doing my pelvic release with Kendal I was scared to have sex and/or masturbate because it hurt and was simply not pleasurable. Any area of my pussy that were not painful was instead numb and I had no feeling. Kendal was so gentle and professional when doing the pelvic release and talked me through the entire process. During the session she was connected with my body and helped me to notice areas of my pussy that were holding tension and numb to touch. I have had two pelvic release sessions and during both I could feel stored emotions coming up in my body. In both sessions I experienced the full spectrum of emotions and the only thing that changed was simply where Kendal was applying pressure. I have found that the more I do pelvic release the more feeling and pleasure I find in my sex! I honestly can say that this was one of the final pieces in clearing out some of my sexual trauma and allowing myself to truly experience pleasure. I would recommend one of these sessions to any woman looking to love themselves, their bodies, or simply clear things from their past.” –Kelly, Dallas, TX 
“Loved your class Kendra and Scott!  Makes me want to open up a Sex Club Paris style.  Was most refreshing to see people talking openly and freely about what so many never speak of.  Bravo to both of you for bringing this format to Dallas.” – Sherry B., Dallas TX


“I feel privileged to have shared your wisdom.” -Tim C.,  New York City



“How can I thank you? You have helped me move to a place where I not only feel comfortable with my body, but feel it’s pretty f***ing  sexy and any man who gets to explore and share it is  REALLY lucky. More importantly I feel incredible about myself. And have found an inner strength that I never new I had. I am LOVING my sexuality! Thank you for all the coaching, listening, emails, phone conversations and just helping me to see who I really am. A Goddess!” — Vicky, Tulsa OK


 ” You have transformed our relationship! I had no idea what each of us did not know and I feel an enormous sense of relief that we have a foundation to start communicating about intimacy and sex in an open respectful and mature but fun way. Your Couple’s Session was beyond my expectations!” — Karl and Denise, Denton TX.


 “I had NO idea someone like you existed in Dallas. Amazing! The insight, comfort and unconditional love you share with a group is incredible. You seem to teach from a great sense of rare understanding.” –Tony, Dallas TX



” I am a rape survivor, Kendal has helped me to see myself in a beautiful way. Her comforting energy and depth of empathy makes me cherish each moment in sex therapy sessions and group events with her. I cannot wait to do a workshop or retreat in her care.” –Elizabeth G., Highland Park



“My wife is completely in raptures because of what I can do to make her feel as she rides the waves to heaven. Mostly do to your wisdom, openness to share and your philosophy toward love, relationships and sexuality.  You have taught me to realize that its not about getting to the Big “O” but its about learning how to really feel her, and slow down and enjoy the journey. These things have ignited our 20 year flame that I thought the rain had put out. Thank you again, you have made  me be able to give her everything that she deserves in the bedroom and in our communication.” — Brad, Arlington, TX



” Your not only a coach and teacher, your a good friend. Thank you for all the “beautiful moments shared.” You truly are an angel!”—Scott, Hurst, TX. 



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