Tantric Art Therapy

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 The Empowerment of Art Therapy!

Body Mapping is a powerful tool to see how life experience is stored in your body. In this creative process you will track the connection between your thoughts and emotions and your physical experience through this powerful art therapy experience.

The body is like a historical archive of your life and a map which can show you your current direction. By paying attention to signs in the physical body you can track what is going on in the more subtle realms of mind, emotion, and spirit.

By making use of meditation, body flow exercises, breathing, music and intention, we come together with what needs to be healed through love and how to embrace these aspects. We discover our purpose and we connect with the inner goddess, the creative muse.

Body mapping gives you the inward tools to use our body as a reliable compass to navigate our lives in a harmonic, sustainable path.


Body Mapping is a powerful form of healing for men and women and can be done in a co-ed group setting.


Want a private Body Mapping Session with Kendal? Book UR Session Today

2 hour session – $150

Kendal will walk you through this intimate experience with self as she takes you further then you have been in group events. A deep meditation will be followed with energy flow movements and direct body mapping focus.

Choose from:
* Law of Attraction
* Chakra Healing
*Connection to your Intuition/guides
* Dancing with your muse
* The Alchemist

Host a Tantric Art Therapy Circle!bodymapping62013 0331

There is great beauty in sacred circle’s and when you meld this community energy into something so powerful, releasing and intimate as Tantric Art Therapy you experience a Mini-Intensive Workshop like no other. Join Kendal in this healing, creative, restorative process of Group Body Mapping and other intensive sacred circle art therapy events.

Our Next Tantric Art Therapy Circle can be found on the Calender.

All sacred circle’s currently are being hosted in private residences. This means a few things:

  1. I am extremely blessed to have such a dynamic community around me.
  2. Locations are kept private and ONLY provided to those who are fully registered for the event.
  3. All attendee’s need to be extra respectful as you are a guest in someones home.
  4. Space is VERY Limited! So when an event is full it it full.
  5. I NEED you to host! (Ladies Only Event, Co-Ed Group Event, or Men’s Only Circle)
  6. Host’s get rewards. Email me for hosting details at tantrictransformation@gmail.com

Tantric Art Therapy Circle’s

$30-$65/per person depending on project.

Host must have floor space for a minimum of 10 people.

Events must be a minimum of 10 participants. 

maximum number of participants depends on space provided.


“I went to one of your ladies only body mapping events and was amazed at the profound insights that I discovered. Thank you Kendal for doing this work. It is much needed in this day and age.” — Marianne, Plano Texas.



Empowered Birth Art- Body Mapping


Empowered Birth Art can be meditative, relaxing, insightful and fun.

What is Birth Art?

Birth Art is an intuitive visual representation of whatever is going on in the mother, partner, friend, etc. to prepare for the birth of a new baby.  It can be as abstract, interpretive, figurative, or literal as the artist decides to make it!  Contrary to popular belief, we all have the ability within us to create art if we get past our ego of “making it look perfect.”  What is important is the process, not necessarily the outcome!

Creating birth art is a wonderful way to give life to the emotions you’re feeling about your pregnancy and upcoming birth

Create a belly mask, write letters to your baby, paint or draw how you feel, mold sculptures, have your picture taken. Celebrate the wonder of pregnancy – you are growing a life!

The process of creating Birth Art provides the opportunity to:

• Part-take in the process of visualizing your birth, imagining your birth aligning with your   wishes and goals
• May set fears at bay and help shed light on your true feelings about birth.
• Connect with your unborn child
• Connect with other Pregnant woman in a fun, sensitive and thoughtful environment
• Simply be creative in a non judgmental space
• Create e art pieces that you will have as a keepsake and memory of your pregnancy

Private Empowered Birth Art Sessions

  • 3-4 hour process
  • In-home Session (unless otherwise needed)
  • $325.00   Special for Feb- March 2014 for $275.00


Host an Empowered Birth Art Circle

$65-100/per person depending on project.

Host must have floor space for a minimum of 7-10 people.

Events must be a minimum of 7 participants. 

maximum number of participants depends on space provided.

Please review further details above under Hosting a Tantric Art Therapy Circle.