Release & Support – Recovery to Pleasure

We live in a world where women are not only shamed for being sexual creature’s but now are experiencing angry pussy’s…

It is a rare day that I don’t hear about or speak to a woman that is troubled about her vagina. Vulvodynia, vaginal prolapse, fibroids, vaginitis, vaginal dryness, infections, weak muscles and many other dysfunctions of our pleasure palaces are almost common ground for women ages 35-65.

We are told to do Kegels and get tight down there.

But what if we are too tight and weak at the same time? Many of the above issue’s are the cause of just this very thing.

It does not have to be this way!

You can restore your pleasure. You can enjoy sex again! You can connect with your partner and it not be painful.

Let me show you how…

In this 12 month approach to recovery to pleasure you will be able to explore the healing benefits of pelvic release ( Structural Pelvic Health Work) work as well as have a small group of conscious minded women around you to assist in healing, processing and community energy that is a significant factor to our recovery process when dealing with the deep seeded traumas that can be stored away in our muscles, tendons, around the bones and in our energy zones.

Systematically through each of your private in office pelvic release appointments in this program you will gently be guided through the release of emotional, physical, psychological blocked traumas that can occur to the body from different abuses, accidents, mental programs, shaming, child birth, abortion, health complications and more. 
Pelvic release has been incorporated into a whole being healing system for thousands  of years and is now starting to make its way back into the lime light through recent research and practice that has discovered: 
  • Many evidence based studies prove that pelvic floor physical therapy is an effective treatment approach for men and women suffering from pelvic pain caused by tight muscles and restricted tissues.
  • The pelvic floor muscles are key for four functions of the body: 1) lower back/core stabilization; 2)  normal urinary function; 3) good bowel function; 4) satisfying sexual function.
  • We hold tension, stress, trauma in our muscles.
  • Our muscles retain actual memory.
  • There are positive and negative genital experiences of which pelvic release can help to dislodge/heal and release the negative.
  • Pelvic release creates better blood flow in the body.
  • Assisted Pelvic Release teaches muscle and body awareness as well as breath-work. 
  • People who consistently experience pelvic release therapy have increased libido, clearer thinking, more vitality for life, better blood pressure, less painful periods, more body awareness and sensation.
  • Releasing stored trauma, tension and toxins from the pelvis can help strengthen the pelvic floor as well as the immune system.

How Long Does it Take to Heal/repair the Pelvic Floor according to specialist?

  • Most people start to feel better after 2 months of consistent, twice a week therapy which incorporates many of the above techniques. Some reach goals sooner; others may take up to 3 months.  By attending regular pelvic floor physical therapy and performing all the home exercises, faulty pattern are reversed and many people are pain free within 2-3 months. — EMH Physical Therapy
  • Generally, it may take anywhere from  6-8 visits.  Of course, this depends on many factors: is the client doing their home play, how  long they have experienced the issue, etc. — Nutritious Movement
The Importance of Community for Sexual Healing:
The deepest interpersonal healing takes place in relationship. With the quarterly ladies community support meetings you get to begin a process of uncovering and sharing sexual experiences and how you have found healing from your past. It is VERY important to do this kind of deep intimate healing with “safe” people. It is important to do this practice with those who are sensitive, empathetic and compassionate, and whom better then a group of women all on a similar path to recovery. Through these powerful support groups you will gain relationship with women of all ages and backgrounds and whom you will be able to experience authentic communication and sharing in a way that you never could imagine. Each support meeting will have a focused point but will be an open dialogue designed to flow and create a safe space for each member of the group.

Here are a few Rave’s on the power of structural release work focused on pelvic health…

 ” Wow, something has really shifted since the pelvic release. I had two orgasms the other night and that never happens. This is so cool. Thanks again. ” — Tracy T. Dallas, TX
” I am a rape survivor and have had cervical cancer. You could say that sexually speaking I really just did the duty to please my partners because sex to me was a way of getting what I wanted. It was a tool. I never really enjoyed it although I am orgasmic. Well, after doing three pelvic releases with Kendal I have changed my view on sex, connection and life in general. I never knew that I could feel like this or that I was carrying around so much negativity. Kendal says that I was protecting myself by focusing on the masculine energy ( I still do not understand what she means but am learning that there really is so much more to our bodies then I could have guessed). Thank you so much for impacting my life and working with me. I am a new woman at 56 year old. ”  — Karen M. Ft. Worth, TX.
“Prior to doing my pelvic release with Kendal I was scared to have sex and/or masturbate because it hurt and was simply not pleasurable. Any area of my pussy that were not painful was instead numb and I had no feeling. Kendal was so gentle and professional when doing the pelvic release and talked me through the entire process. During the session she was connected with my body and helped me to notice areas of my pussy that were holding tension and numb to touch. I have had two pelvic release sessions and during both I could feel stored emotions coming up in my body. In both sessions I experienced the full spectrum of emotions and the only thing that changed was simply where Kendal was applying pressure. I have found that the more I do pelvic release the more feeling and pleasure I find in my sex! I honestly can say that this was one of the final pieces in clearing out some of my sexual trauma and allowing myself to truly experience pleasure. I would recommend one of these sessions to any woman looking to love themselves, their bodies, or simply clear things from their past.” -Kelly, Dallas, TX 
“I was a bit nervous about having a pelvic release session as I had never heard of the technique before. Yet, my intuition told me I needed to give it a try and after working with Kendal for a few sessions I knew i could trust her and I was safe in her hands. I knew that sexual and emotional trauma was most likely stored in my pelvis and I was ready to be free of the burden. During the session, Kendal explained what she was doing and was very supportive if any emotions or pain came up for me. Not only did I feel energy and emotional blocks release during and after the session, but Kendal taught me home practice tips and techniques for self-care between sessions. I’m grateful to have had a chance to learn about my body in a new way and I regularly practice self-massage now to keep my body free, open and balanced. I would highly recommend a pelvic release to any woman who feels sexually or emotional stuck or blocked and is ready to break through to a new awareness and understanding of her body and femininity. 
—-Angela, Holistic Health Coach, Dallas, TX”

“My first pelvic release came after some initial coaching and learning to OM, Orgasmic Meditation.  Kendal was gentle, affirming, and supportive as I took the steps towards my awakening of my soul and my body.  More of my body was numb than had feeling and sensation.  The days and weeks following brought a gentle return of sensation, I could actually feel  touch outside and inside my vagina!  I began to seek, have and enjoy sex again!

Months later, I had a physical ache in my hips/pelvic region and chiropractic care was ineffective.  We did a second pelvic release and found improvement as well as the “spot” which was causing the ache.  As Kendal massaged and held gentle pressure,  we both felt the sickening opening of the physical trauma.  Chiropractic care was immediately effective after Kendal’s work!

In the following weeks, I felt the emotional release as my heart opened for the first time in my life.  My soul was feeling a wider range of connection with women, my sex changed and became slower, deeper, and I found intimacy with my partner that was vulnerable, accepting, loving.  Even my family members noticed a difference in me!   They saw my calmness, my ability to handle ups and downs.  People who had been distant in my life, began to come back into my circles, and I have noticed a gradual increase in my intuition.

Sound too good to be true?  Of course.  That is what I thought when Kendal first included a pelvic release in my coaching package!!  I wanted something that was going to “make more of a difference in a shorter period of time.” What I received by letting Kendal guide was a slow, gradual, deep change in me.  So, find your YES to this magnificent and magical healing from a woman who has been in your shoes, and continues her own growth every day.

My journey continues, with orgasmic bliss at my fingertips in any situation, with anyone, even myself.  I love my life, my journey, and even my growing pains.  I am beginning to love me.  And that makes all the difference.” — Kim H. Dallas TX

Read More on Pelvic Release Research 
This is a woman’s ONLY Program. 
What you get in this 12 month Program
  • 24 Private In Office appointments for structural release (that is 2 session’s a month)
  • 4 Support Group/ Coaching Meetings
  • Up to 4 Coaching Emails a month while in the program to further assist you in your recovery. 
  • Glass Massager  for Homework and Play
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