Sex & Relationship Coaching


How Can Sex & Relationship Coaching Help You?

That is actually a really funny question…

I remember a woman I “sorta” know through friends telling me one day a few years back that she did not need sex and relationship coaching. What she needed was life coaching and since I did not do that, I was not the right coach for her…

Well, she was correct about one thing….

I am not and was NOT the coach for her!

If you read my Meet Kendal Rene’ page then you already know that I believe that the way we sex is also how we choose to live our lives.  And I have some all time great’s from history and modern times who happen to agree with me on this. 🙂

SO keep reading and if you want a Gourmet Sex Life as well as a Gourmet Lifestyle with all your desires flocking to you then M-A-Y-B_E just maybe we should chat… But ONLY if you REALLY want this sort of life.

“You create your own universe as you go along”- Winston Churchill

We create our own reality. What we focus on with our thought and feeling is what we attract into our experience. So, when we don’t like what we see, it’s time to take a close look at what we have and recreate it. The universe WILL rearrange itself for YOU!

But how?

That’s where I come in.

Most people know what they want (or don’t want), but they have blind spots that prevent them from manifesting their true desires into reality. As your personal coach, I help you to get clear on what it is you really want in life. From there, I keep you motivated and focused on achieving it.

Its my role to be your personal support, confidante and companion in your juicy dream building.

I help you to SEE and bring out the highest and best potential in yourself.

Together, we will tap into these:

  • Together we will clear out what’s not working and make room for what does. Finish projects that have lingering in the cosmos for too long.
  • Revitalize your relationships. Where have you disconnected? How do you reconnect and ignite?
  • Find Your Joy- Doesn’t that sound fun? Fact is most people are unhappy and masking with something.
  • Learn ways to holistically reduce stress, anxiety and overcome body image issues as well as sexual shame
  • If you haven’t already found it, develop your life purpose. We all have gifts. The most satisfying lives allow us to share them.
  • Expand your powers of attraction and creation. Become more conscious of how you effect your environment. We’ll work together with meditation, affirmations and other practices to cement your role as the alchemist of your reality
  • Hold you accountable for your actions. Through staying accountable to me, you’ll become more accountable to yourself.
  • We will work on your designer Integrative Wellness System.

Your intimate relationships are the muse and powerhouse to your entire life…

“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.”
-Anthony Robbins

When you are feeling connected and are able to receive as well as give properly, in love and sexually, you feel like you can do anything. Our fulfillment in our intimate relationships, both emotionally and sexually transfer out into all other areas of our lives. Our intimate relationship are a reflection and a stage on which we can choreograph our full life expression: weather that is showing up in our love life, our work life, with our purpose, our children, friends or in our health. When things are not aligned and harmonious in your relationship, it drags all the other parts of your life down with it.

In my 13 years of coaching and growth work, I have seen that this is the one area in our lives that gives or takes more energy than any other. It is also the one area that we repress and tend to separate from everything else. We DO NOT give our sex life the respect that it deserves and do not allow ourselves to reap the rewards that it has from us on all levels including spiritual. It is YOUR choice what kind of energy you give to it and what power or depletion you get from it. Hopefully you choose to make it EMPOWERING.

You really can have it all—a deep, full of integrity, authentic connection with someone (including yourself) and fabulous sex to go with it as well as a deeper spiritual connection to life.

Harnessing Your Sexual Potential is the Master Key to Harnessing Your Life Potential…

“Life can and should be phenomenal .. and it will be when you consciously apply your sexual power to your life expression.”– Kendal Williams

David Deida has a quote that goes something like this, ” How a man penetrates his woman is how he penetrates the world.” This is so true for both men and women. In order for a man to properly penetrate his woman, he must be fully open, passionate, direct and be willing to stand in the fires that may arise. This is also so for a man to have a fulfilling life. If a woman is to open to being penetrated and to emotionally/mentally penetrate her man she must learn to fully open herself, become comfortable being vulnerable and learn to trust in herself and her desires, she must know her boundaries, be passionate and be willing to harness her creative powers so she can be ravished and ravish. Again, all this is also true for a woman who wants a fulfilling life.

And THAT is why you want rockin’ gourmet sex not just “okay” or “good” sex. The more you settle for blah sex and relationship, the more you will settle for a blah life in ALL ways.  You deserve so much more!

Having off-the-charts, earth shattering, conscious gourmet sex will bring you:

  • Self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Greater focus and clarity
  • Increased charisma and magnetism
  • Feeling radiant, beautiful and attractive
  • Healing and transforming wounds and blocks
  • More energy
  • Harmonized moods
  • Increased Immune System
  • Amazing creativity
  • Feel whole, complete, at peace and satisfied
  • Deeper authenticity
  • Stronger intuition

Can you hardly wait? YES, you can have all of this from having better sex.

We exist in a sexually repressed culture.  One where more and more people are turning inward and shutting down. Depression, anxiety, sexual issues, mental illness, anger, fatigue, and dis-ease are all at an all time high. More and more cases of people suffering from being bipolar, ADD, ADHD, and stress induced illnesses are being reported.  Sexual crimes and abuse in many fashions are also growing at phenomenal rates. Why is this? Why are SO many people lost?

A: Most people never tap into and harness their greatest resources: their “procreative” life force energy which can give you increased energy, mental clarity, creativity and fulfillment in your life.

How it works… ( Options, options, options….)

We work together via Zoom, phone or in person in office.

  • We start with a soul-baring meet-and-greet Discovery Session where you share all those things you never thought you would but know that you need to because they are holding you back! I listen in unconditional love and without judgement.
  • I ask you penetrating questions and give you clear, direct answers.
  • We design your ideal relationship and get you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • We work through my powerful process of becoming sexually empowered. These 9 steps WILL change your life!
  • I arm you with time-tested practices and tools (some over 5000 years old!) that I have been using in my life and relationships as well as hundreds of clients.
  • I focus in on your blocks, blind spots and where trauma is stored and help you clear them.
  • I keep you active in your expansion, creating momentum and LASTING change.
  • I answer your questions and help expand your knowledge on sexuality and sexual practices.
  •  Your not a couple? That’s perfect. This coaching is for you EVEN if you are single. In fact, being single can be a lovely time for you to prepare for your next relationship. Allowing you time to clean up your life, clarify what you really want in a partner and attract that into your space. Remember, what you think about and feel is what manifests in your life. But sometimes when it manifests we have not done the work on ourselves to keep it!

 What you learn in Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Coaching with me…

Everything you need to know for healthy relationships, that you were NEVER taught.

  • Simple steps to bring up those difficult issues with grace and have your partner embrace you for it.
  • Powerful techniques for full-body, explosive orgasms–in men and women.
  • The fastest, most effective way to build stamina and stop premature ejaculation in men.
  • The little-known path to powerful female G-Spot orgasms (and the reasons why so few women have them!) As well as helpful tips for the other 12 female orgasms.
  • Learn how Orgasm can be a state of meditation and how this can drastically heal your internal world as well help you live a more luscious, fulfilling, stress free life.
  • Permanently let go of the past: how to release old relationships and issues in your current one that won’t die.
  • Ancient Taoist methods to transform your sexual energy into creative energy that you use in your everyday life.
  • Ancient Taoist methods to heal your body sexually and recharge your life force energy.
  • My top personal techniques for Tantra and how using them can make sex a tool for spiritual growth and life abundance. 
  • Leverage your sexual hormones and neurotransmitters TO YOUR ADVANTAGE to boost your mood, get you high and motivate you in your daily life. It’s not just about having sex, but how you have sex and what kind of sex your having.
  • PC (pubococcygeal) muscle strengthening in women and men. Benefits: supports your internal organs, increases orgasmic potential and genital sensitivity.
  • Powerful Intimacy and Communication techniques. These are MUST know’s for any couple or single.
  • Focused skill building and Authenticity Coaching designed to align with where you are at RIGHT NOW. If you are single and looking for your soul mate or just a few great dates or if you are a couple wanting to rekindle the fire or open up your intimacy and expand you loving, these skills are JUST what you are desiring.

 For Single’s:

In-between relationships is the perfect time to get clear on:

  • What you truly desire in a relationship and lover.
  • The patterns you need to change to get what you want.
  • How to harmonize your life to create space for your ideal partner(s).

Most people never take the time to get clear on exactly what will be fulfilling for them and so they keep attracting the same people and situations into their lives.

You can change all that.

We’ll work together to clean up what’s not working logistically and in your belief system so you can bring to you what will serve, empower and pleasure you.

Awesome Kendal, I want a Sexy & Liberated Life, Full of Abundance!!!

I was hoping you’d say that.

The next step to your Juicy, Liberated, Fun & Sexy Life is:

Complete the Application 

Commitment creates momentum. People make the most transformation with sessions scheduled every week or every other week. However you can use your session commitment time in whatever way best fits your schedule and needs. I offer a few Coaching Options including On The Go! – Coaching for the Fast Pace Lifestyle – Weekly Subscription – Unlimited

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