Meet Kendal Rene’

Why am I sharing a “tmi” thing like that on the front page of my website you might ask?

Here is the thing…

I believe that the way we sex is also how we choose to live our lives. As a certified holistic, real world sex and relationship educator it is my duty to strip away people’s shame, embarrassment, fear and preconceived notions around this beautifully powerful, connective, adventurous and healing gift that we have been given from the creator of all that exists and ever will.

Therefor, you will find me always to be uncompromising when it comes to raw authentic truth around the subject of S-E-X!

Life has taught me bundles in my 41 years on this planet. As the mother of seven incredible souls and having overcome rape, divorce, self-sabotage, sexual shame and self-hatred myself, I now find with almost a decade of coaching thousands of individuals and couples all over the world; Having co-authored with Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, David Riklin, Dr. Joseph Cilea, Dr. Joesph Mercola, Gary Craig, Dr. Marcus Laux, Dr. Susan Lark, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Julian Whitaker, and Steven E and being an expert contributing writer for Consumer Health and YourTango as well as having my article’s such as The Under Fucked Pussy Epidemic go viral and be shared on many leading sexuality websites around the world and get hipe  from many radio broadcast’s that showed interest such as The Erotic Conversationalist with Alan Roger Currie the King of Seduction as well as Raw Attraction Magazine and My Tiny Secrets – I know for CERTAIN that our world is in need of some Sexual Healing! – and understanding.

I am a sexual catalyst. A sensual muse.

I am a travel enthusiast. Vaginal weight lifter in training.

I am an orgasm coach, teaching women, men & couple’s not just about the orgasm in their genitals, but about living a “Fuck YES Life!” – An Orgasmic Life!

My mission is to teach people to be unapologetically authentic, sexual and full of desire for this life we live. Not just survive it! – because that you will never achieve.

I do this through unveiling truth, healing shame and opening the gateways to desire.

I challenge you to be courageous (or at least take my hand and lean on me on your path), fierce, unapologetically raw and full of integrity!

I challenge you to have a pussy that can have 20+ orgasms in one love-making session. To enjoy hours of gourmet sexing not just fast food- three spins of the ceiling fan sex, but the gourmet sex that changes your life, sets you free and gives you purpose. If your a man who know’s or loves a woman then I challenge you to be an extraordinary lover. A man that know’s his purpose. His power. Is not afraid to lead or to be vulnerable. A man that wants  to experience multiple orgasms with his woman. And be taken to new heights of love and depths of intimacy. Not a man who wants to use his woman’s pussy as his Prozac and for a quick “pump, pump, oooh, goo” for stress release.

When you realize these things, you will experience the interconnectedness of all of life. You will see your love expand, your sex go deeper, your career become your dream and your bank account increase. Yes! The way you sex is the way you do life!

I can show you how.

“A good orgasm is satisfying, but a great orgasm can be a revelation of your deepest being, unfolding the truth of who you are in ecstatic communion with your lover.” — David Deida

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